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The benefits of tennis lessons for children

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When it comes to introducing extracurricular activities to your child, you will always want to look for ones that your child will enjoy, with the assurance that they will benefit both physically and mentally from it. An extracurricular that is both popular and great for little ones is tennis lessons. Well known for both the physical and mental benefits, it is an amazing and fun sport that can be played with friends or family. It also provides many health benefits that continue to help children as they grow up and begin their adult life. There are many ways to encourage your child to take on this sport such as in your back garden or through this tennis courts hire in Northwood, the option is completely up to you! Continue reading for more information on the benefits of tennis lessons for children. 

Great for health

Tennis is well known for being a sport that requires a lot of physical movement. Anything that requires this is great for children as it improves their health, both mentally and physically. As children run, swing, stretch and jump, it will help to support and develop their aerobic skills and support bone health. Extracurricular activities such as tennis, which require children to be outdoors and moving, encourage the release of serotonin in the brain, which helps to reduce stress levels. Moreover, if your child plays tennis, you will instantly notice a change in their mood and energy.

Improved motor skills

With the amount of detail that goes into playing tennis, from hand eye coordination to foot placement, tennis works on helping children develop their fine and gross motor skills. Players are presented with the opportunity to strengthen their muscles for precise play, which in turn, works on their motor skills too. These skills are crucial for daily tasks, so it is important children get the opportunity to work on them as much as they can. 

There are many activities out there that are great for a child’s development, however, tennis lessons might just be the one that benefits your little one!

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