The Book Lovers Classics Edition of Memory Challenge

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Do you remember playing memory challenge games when you were a kid? Me too.
I also remember that I wasn’t very good at them.
But that didn’t stop me from buying the Book Lovers Classics Edition of Memory Challenge the minute I saw it in the store.

Here’s how it works:
You mix up all 108 cards and spread them out facedown on a flat surface. Each player turns over two cards on his/her turn. The goal is to use your memory to match all the cards. The game goes on (and on, depending on how good you are) until all matches have been made.

Because this game is for book lovers, all the cards have images of classic book covers, illustrations from literary classics, famous quotes from literature, and author portraits on them.

There are also Profession Cards: Editor, Publisher, Author, and Illustrator. Each card has specific titles associated with it, and if you match those particular cards you get bonus points.

The thing I like about memory games is that you can play them in a group or by yourself, making them the perfect thing to have around your house or cottage for rainy days or lazy afternoons. I also appreciate that the rule book has brief write-ups on each of the books and authors so you can learn as you play. That makes this game the ultimate in book nerd fun.

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