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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is a place where you will start your day, and spend quality time with family, so it’s an important room to get right. It also can be quite intimidating given the cost of a project and all the fixtures and fittings involved. It doesn’t need to be tricky however as making small changes can help you to transform the overall feel and bring it up to date. Here are some tips from a business that fit kitchens in North London to highlight how simple your renovation can be.

Kitchen Doors

Cabinets in a kitchen contribute massively to the look you achieve and can quite simply be replaced without needing to strip everything out. If you have a good overall unit, and there’s no chipping, cracking, or warping, the existing doors can be replaced with fresh new ones. This will help spruce things up at a fraction of the cost.

Fixtures and Fittings

Also consider fixtures such as handles/door knobs. While small details, they refresh your kitchen and tie everything together.


There’s of course the walls that are the main part of any room. A fresh lick of paint can make your kitchen look and feel brand new again like the day you first moved in. It’s relatively simple and easy to do yourself. Just be sure to invest in quality tools to avoid streaks and shedding on your paintwork.

The Floor

We often forget about the floor in DIY projects as it’s not in our direct eyeline, however it is something we take in subconsciously and where the eyes also fall. Depending on whether you have the budget, underfloor heating can be a lovely addition to make your space feel warm (quite literally) and help put a spring in your step on cold winter mornings.


Lastly, we have blinds and what you have dressing your windows. They are again often an afterthought and need incorporating in any project as when updating your kitchen, worn and odd-coloured blinds will likely stick out.

These are just a few things to consider. What will really help you keep your renovation simple and costs low is managing your priorities. As they say, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.

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