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Top vegan tips for eating out in London

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We all know that eating out as a vegan can have its challenges from time to time, however if you do some forward planning and also ensure that you don’t avoid eating out, you’ll soon get used to it and begin to embrace it no doubt.

London has some amazing vegan restaurants and as well as mainstream restaurants that offer vegan food on their menus. Wherever you choose to dine, I hope you’ll find these tips useful:

Read the menu beforehand

I know I know, being spontaneous can be great fun but planning ahead can bring as much pleasure too. If you already know where you are going, then have a look at the menu online beforehand. Decide what your options might be and have a rough idea of what you would like. This will avoid disappointment and stop with any food envy you may have! I remember eating out in Dubai with my boyfriend and being so disappointed with the restaurant that we had chosen as I hadn’t checked up on the vegan options beforehand…I won’t be making that mistake again!

Don’t go hungry!

I would recommend this to anyone really – whether you are vegan or not. Try not to turn up to dinner really hungry. You’ll inevitably end up going for the cheap and filling choices rather than the healthy or creative options. Obviously don’t have loads to eat beforehand but taking the edge off your hunger can help. That way if there isn’t a plethora of vegan options, at least you know you will be ok…

Go for an actual vegan restaurant

It may sound obvious but if you are a began, then eating out at one of the many fantastic vegan restaurants in London could be the best option. Often meat-eaters are absolutely fine with eating vegan meals too and why should you be the only one who is limited for choice? If you opt for a vegan restaurant then you are bound to find something that you’ll love on the menu.

Starters instead of main?

It is entirely possible that the main course vegan options might not float your boat but how about the starters and/or sides? I often prefer the starters on a menu and if you are feeling peckish, you could always get two for a main course?

Puddings galore

It seems to be way more acceptable these days to bring your own snack bar or treat along with you if you have special dietary requirements. I very much doubt anyone would bat an eyelid if you took along once of your delicious vegan puddings to have if they don’t have a suitable option on the menu.

Ask away!

Remember just because on a menu it might not say something is ‘vegan’ it is worth asking if the chef can make it so that it is. Some pastas for example could just have the cheese left off or vegetarian meal could be adapted. Chefs are creative by nature and if they aren’t too rammed in the kitchen, they might even enjoy a challenge.

I hope you found this post useful? Whether you are a vegan just for the month of January or you follow veganism longterm, we are lucky to be living in a society that caters for it much more than previously and we can feel safe in the knowledge that it is easy enough to have a meal out that doesn’t just consist of risotto or salad.

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