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How to ensure your house is warm and cosy all year round

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I do feel so fortunate that we have our own home and never more so than during the winter months. I’m so grateful for the protection it offers my little family against the dark and cold. Here are our top tips on how to ensure your house is warm and cosy all year round.

1. Think flooring

If you’re in the middle of a renovation or are planning building works you’ll want to consider what type of flooring to install. I would highly recommend having underfloor heating fitted. Underfloor heating is used more than ever and its benefits are clear for all to see – or feel – you free up wall space that would have been used for radiators to be fitted, and when you’re padding around barefoot it’s incredibly luxurious and cosy to have warmth underfoot.

It has become much more widely used these days as and if you happen to have pets in your home too it is truly excellent.

2. Change with the seasons

I enjoy changing things around the home as we feel the change in the seasons. One of my favourite changes is the winter to spring put-away of all the rugs and blankets which I get out once the Autumn comes. I love how this makes the house look as we embrace the summer months, it’s clearer and easy to keep clean with the kids coming in and out of the garden.

But as we get to Autumn I am normally ready for the change of pace and making the house feel cosy again. I tend to add a rug by the sink, a big one under the dining table and another big one in front of the fire. I put warm blankets over the beds, sofa and armchairs. These bring warmth and colour to the house making it feel cosier. My kids also love them too and each of them has a

3. Upgrade baby!

If you’re running an old boiler it won’t be as efficient as a newer boiler would be. It would be prudent to consider a new boiler installation, which will ultimately save money on your heating and hot water.

You might want to consider upgrading your windows and doors to double or triple glazed. Reducing the drafts in the house is essential to keeping your home cosy and keeping your bills down as much as possible.

Make sure you’ve checked for insulation in your loft and consider whether it needs more. You would be surprised how much heat you can lose from it. Of course you may want to convert your loft into a bedroom at some stage? We did this in our last house and although we missed the additional storage space, having two gorgeous brand new bedrooms for my boys to have their own was completely woth it. We didn’t really need to the extra storage at the time and we upgraded our bathroom at the same time

4. Lighting

Giving thought to the lighting we use in our homes is a good way of making a room cosy. Lamps are essential around the living areas and bedrooms, as are fairy lights. Candlelight is always a winner for creating a cosy atmosphere whether we are in the middle of summer or winter. I have even been known to take my candles away on a holiday with me, even though the sun was trying to beam through. For me it is all about being cosy, not necessarily just warm…

Just remember to always blow your candles out and never leave them unattended in a room. You can also purchase candles with aromatherapy oils in them, adding a by of mystery and elegance into your life again? Look out for some lovely lamps in the sales. There is an amazing selection of lighting related products out there now and the end of year / start of year ahead. ErTry to do as much online research as possible and if

Do you resonate with these tips too? Or perhaps being warm and cosy isn’t really your vibe? Personally I think it is really important to stay as cosy as possible throughout the winter and perhaps consider some other styles of clothing and comfort in the summer months…

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