Water for Elephants: a review

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Well, the movie that I’ve been waiting for finally came out, and, not surprisingly, I went to see it opening weekend. Water for Elephants is based on one of my favourite books, which means I went in with stupidly high expectations. I wasn’t entirely disappointed.

First of all, I thought Robert Pattinson did a really good job as Jacob. I was surprised, and I might even forgive him for those awful Twilight movies he’s part of. Reese Witherspoon as Marlena was…fine. Christoph Waltz as August was perfection. All in all, I thought the movie did a good job of capturing the overall feel of the book, with one exception: the chemistry between Jacob and Marlena. I just didn’t believe it coming from Robert and Reese. Isn’t he supposed to be super hot? How could it be hard to have chemistry with him? The elephant seemed to like him more than Reese did. But aside from that, I would have to say that Francis Lawrence’s adaptation was well done, and if I were Sara Gruen, I would be pretty happy with how the movie turned out. What did you guys think?

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