Writing romance: a reading list

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Once upon a time, I was convinced that I wanted to write a romance novel.
I think it was after I worked at Harlequin one summer. Reading steamy romance novels and looking at the hot book-cover guys all day can have that effect on a girl. So I signed up for a romance writing class and gave it a shot.
Turns out the class wasn’t really much help (although I’m still friends with some people I met there), and I kind of gave up on the whole thing. But the idea of writing a romance novel still intrigues me. People are quick to dismiss it (along with horror, YA and pretty much any genre that sells), but I have a feeling it’s not as easy as it looks.
If you’re also feeling inspired to attempt writing romance, here are some books I found that could be helpful.

On Writing Romance: How to Craft a Novel That Sells
by Leigh Michaels
I actually own this book already and it’s a great read not just for romance writers, but for writers in general.

Romance Writer’s Phrase Book
by Jean Kent & Candace Shelton
Examples from this book include “her jutting breasts and narrow waist” and “her hair was a luminous buttercup yellow”.

Writing the Great American Romance Novel
by Catherine Lanigan
I’m Canadian, but I’m hoping that doesn’t matter.

Be A Sex-Writing Strumpet
by Stacia Kane
Honestly, I just want a book on my shelf that has the word “strumpet” in the title.

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