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Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

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To explore creative writing is a big part of a child’s development with their own language, getting to learn about new words and phrases, as well as open up many paths for a child. It’s also something that all children can learn to enjoy over time, with many benefits to their overall learning and personal development.

To start exploring creative writing with your child more, here are some handy tips from this independent school in the West Midlands.

Ask your child to write about their favourite things

When it comes to encouraging a child to do something, it more often than not has to be fun and engaging. To help with this, you can encourage your child to look into their favourite things and write about them freely. It makes the writing experience much easier for your child, and they don’t have to think too hard about what they’re writing about straight away.

Ask your child to write about things they see in front of them

Part of learning to write creatively is all in the describing of words. Have your child look at a building or landscape and ask them to describe it. Let them say what they think is on their mind and then encourage them to write them down, with plenty of attention on describing words. It’ll train your child to feel more motivated about what they’re writing about, as they can use descriptors to flesh out their writing.

Use the senses

If your child is stuck on certain ways to begin writing, you can always use the senses to get your child thinking. What does your child smell, see, hear? Do they feel happy when they hear these noises or smell those smells? What sort of emotion does your child feel when they come into contact with these things? Using senses can give your child a number of ways to write about something much easier.

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