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How to Boost Your Child’s Creativity

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Creativity is a fundamental skill for problem solving and many others that we use day to day. To help your child think innovatively, why not encourage them to take up writing, or a hobby such as crafting? There are various other ways that they can practise and build upon the skill. Below are a few suggestions from a summer school in London.


Crafting is the most obvious way that you can explore creativity with children. It exercises the imagination as children can take their designs whichever direction they wish. Within crafting there are dozens of individual craft activities children can take up from knitting to scrapbooking.


While we associate creativity with crafting, it is not the only way that children can explore their imagination. Children can create a whole array of things such as literature and put on performances. They can use their writing skills to write poems and screenplays to express themselves and showcase their ideas.

Guessing Games and Activities

Games like Pictionary use creative thinking skills too. Your child must ask others questions to work out the word they have been given and use their imagination and creativity to piece what they learn together.

Other Toys/Games

Other toys that may help include Lego that children can use to build their own creations and explore a multitude of possibilities.

Learning to Play Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments are open ended as children are in complete control of the sounds they make. They are also extremely beneficial for a child’s emotional development as it allows them to express themselves, channel their feelings and develop their self-confidence.

The point of this post is to show that there are various ways that children can explore their creativity. What’s important is that they have the means and freedom to express themselves without rigid guidelines.

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