Taunton School - How to Be More Involved in Your Child's Education  

Taunton School – How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education  

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By being involved in your child’s education, you can improve their chances of doing well at school by keeping an eye on how they are doing and helping them to understand the importance of it. To share a few ways that you can be more involved in your child’s education, we have teamed up with a boarding school in the UK.

Work with Their Teachers

Teachers are the best people to go to for advice when it comes to helping your child with their education. They’ll be able to tell you what they’ve observed to be their weak areas and offer resources that may be of help. You can also see if they’re having any other troubles in class or if there’s anything else that’s holding them back. That might be their confidence and ability to speak up when they get stuck.

Create a Progress Chart

Having a parent’s progress chart can help you keep a record of how your child is progressing at school and see if they’re heading in the right direction. It allows you to make the most of teacher feedback and create a plan of action.

Join the School PTA

PTAs are parent communities that have a say and role at their children’s school. They often arrange events, speak about their concerns, and offer suggestions on how school life can be improved. This is a way that you can have a direct involvement in your child’s education by working to improve the school system itself while learning from other parents.

Read Together 

Reading is the first building block of learning and is needed to progress throughout school. By reading with your child at home, you can enrich their school learning as it teaches them more about the world, improves their vocabulary and communication skills. It also fosters a love for learning which can help them to be more passionate about school.

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