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6 wonderful ways to accessorise for your wedding day

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Weddings are wonderful occasions for us all to get together and celebrate the love of two people. They can be a very simple affair or be years in the planning. Making sure you add in the extra details can be a little time consuming but they can make every difference to the overall feel of the day. Little details can be the matching embellishment used on the invitations and carried through to the name cards at the table for the wedding breakfast or leaving a personalised thank you note (with a bottle of water to ease the hangover) to the guests staying at the venue in their room. Then there are the accessories that really matter to your day, such as jewellery.

Bring the sparkles back

Make sure you book your engagement ring in to be cleaned before the big day so that it shines it’s very best. Photographs will be taken of your wedding band and your engagement ring so it’s worth taking this step.

Terrific Tresses!

Every bride dreams of looking flawless on her wedding day, and the right hairstyle can make a world of difference. With the mdlondon BLOW hair dryer, achieving that salon-perfect look at home has never been easier. Its innovative design ensures your locks will look smooth, shiny, and voluminous on your big day. To add that extra touch of elegance, complement your do with delicate hair accessories – be it a pearl-studded pin or a glistening tiara.

Don’t forget the husband-to-be

A lovely momento of the day and a finishing touch to the husband-to-be’s outfit is personalised cufflinks. These can be personalised with a message and the date – it will help him remember it going forward!

Wedding rings

Wedding rings are no longer a limited choice to make. Gone are the days when you and your partner both had a band made of yellow gold. There are so many options now that it does require some thought, particularly as this accessory is worn every single day for the rest of your life!

Promise rings

Promise rings can be a pre-engagement ring for people to show their commitment but maybe acknowledging that they are too young for engagement. There is a very broad scope for who gives the ring to whom and why, but they have been around since the 16th century. If you have a promise ring make sure you move it to the other hand before the marriage service. It will have such a sentimental value for you that you will not want to leave it at home safe in a jewellery box. Depending on how many years you have had it, this might work well for your ‘something old’.

Simple can be best

Try out whether a drop earring or a necklace works best for your outfit. You may find that both together are a bit overpowering and detract from the beauty of your chosen bridal wear.

Get advice

If we were going to start a new exercise and food regime, we would get proper advice and the same goes for accessorising for your wedding day. The people working in the bridal shop will have a huge amount of experience with what looks best. They can advise you on the correct veil so as to not detract from your dress, they will know whether a sparkly belt will bring something to the dress or whether you need any further jewellery.

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